Greetings and welcome to my website!
Some of you, I have met already in one arena of my work or another. For others, we may be meeting for the first time. In either case, it’s important for you to know that my professional commitment is to strengthening families . . . kids AND parents.
Toward that end, I offer several options:
• A wide variety of classes in parenting
• Custom-designed classes for teens
• Coaching for teens and for parents, individually and in groups
• Books and lecture-recordings I’ve created
• A blog which offers my spin on current family issues

You can find lots more information on each of these right here on the website. Don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions.
And thanks for stopping by.
"I attended the MNKA seminar on Saturday where you spoke about gender-based learning differences and the special learning needs of high ability kids. I teach preschool and am also the mother of three children, and I found myself just hanging on your every word and story. Thank you so much for sharing all the information with us; it was so relevant and useful. Your skills as a presenter are just fabulous. I so appreciated your genuineness, and the way you connected with our group interpersonally----so many presenters these days seem to lean too heavily on Power Point and the like."
"With Kathleen Fischer’s coaching, I was able to see the positive aspects of being a working parent and the lessons I was teaching my children."
"Thank you for presenting to the group of 9th grade St. Mark’s/Hockaday teens yesterday. Although I did not doubt your ability to connect with these teens and make the afternoon fun, I had to smile at all the laughter coming from the living room during your presentation. I really appreciate all the energy you invested in these teens yesterday. Your passion for working with teens is so evident in your actions. I watched yesterday as you give those teens all your attention and then some. You must have left exhausted!"
"I am proud to say that Kathleen Fischer is one of the best resources in my toolkit. Kathleen has the keen ability to help her clients quickly identify the heart of an issue, define goals, and move forward. Her coaching style is open, honest, and life-changing for individuals and families."