What makes Kathleen someone you could learn from? 


The parent of three lively adults, Kathleen M. Fischer is also a registered nurse with a master’s degree in education. Her area of expertise is adolescent social, emotional, sexual and relational development. In a career spanning decades she has:

  • worked in public health settings;

  • taught in public school and at the university level;

  • coached parents, teens and young adults; and

  • presented at professional educational seminars.

She combines her passion for adolescent development with observation and research on families and kids, and has written two books, Bringing Our Boys Through the Second Decade and Simple But NOT Easy: Regaining Balance in Our Family Life.




M.A., Health Education, Texas Woman’s University

Endorsements by the State of Texas at the secondary level in health education, English and gifted education

B.S., Nursing, The University of Texas

R.N., State of Texas




Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching from The University of Texas at Dallas, School of Management

Accredited professional coach through the International Coaching Federation