Produce fulfilling results in your personal, business and family life by working with a professional coach.


Believing that people are capable of generating their own solutions, a coach listens and customizes a discovery-based approach to help an individual or group reach goals and enhance quality of life. Focused Reading Groups are also a useful growth tool.



  • You need clarity for important choices to be made;

  • There is a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources;

  • Your teen has de-railing behaviors that keep him or her from moving forward;

  • Work, family and life are out of balance; or

  • A neutral sounding board would be helpful.


Individual Coaching

Individual sessions begin as you consider current challenges and opportunities. Together we specify a desired outcome, and we set priorities for action. You’ll begin steps toward that outcome through self-assigned work between sessions. We can have these confidential sessions in person or by phone. Coaching typically begins with a commitment to six sessions.

However a one-time, hour and a half Super Session is available to address single-issue concerns.


  • 6 Sessions (55 minutes each) $1050 for series; additional sessions $175/session

  • Super Session (90 minutes) = $300

People who share similar goals benefit from group interaction. A group of five to seven members gathers in person or by phone to work together on topics the group selects.

Each group member is encouraged to identify outcomes specific to their family. Participants may talk or ask questions as they learn from the coach and other participants. As with all coaching interactions, group coaching is based on strict confidentiality.

  • 6 Group Sessions (90 minutes each)

Group Coaching

Though not strictly “coaching,” reading groups get together for discussion of a chosen book. Members consider how the book’s content impacts their family lives. Likewise, each person assigns homework for themselves based on the book and on goals they’d like to accomplish within their families.

Reading Groups