Parenting is the most time-consuming, heart-consuming, exasperation-producing, confidence-rattling AND heart-warming relationship ever!

What if you could get help in parenting with inspiring stories, down-to-earth insights and practical tools that bring great confidence and understanding into your most important family relationships?

You’ve got everything you need! 

With Kathleen’s guidance you can . . . 


Go Broad

By retaining Kathleen to speak at your conference, convention, sales meeting or regional event. 

Beyond the common connections that participants at conferences or conventions share, they also often share the challenges of parenting and family life. Whether a keynote speaker or a breakout session leader, you can get Kathleen’s entertaining, upbeat, thought-provoking perspective on a wide range of topics related to strengthening relationships between parents and their kids. 


Go Specific 

By retaining Kathleen to create and deliver a retreat or reward trip for those who excel in the Fast Lane. 

A healthy family life is so foundational to peak performance that top executives, outstanding sales people, and high producers can benefit from time apart to focus on family. Fast-paced work life can leave achievers spread thin with little time to think deeply about parenting matters and little opportunity to sync with their life partners. Kathleen creates customized packages often set in inviting locations and can include workshops; parenting coaching for individuals or couples; time for couples to talk together privately. . . all interspersed with the fun and pampering a top-rated resort offers. 



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