Hear from parents who’ve grown in confidence as they’ve learned tools to guide their teens.

“Kathleen had such a calming influence on me and my wife. Her been-there-done-that advice and perspective helped us see around corners that we haven’t been around yet, giving us new ways of thinking about things. We have better dialogue with each other about parenting. . . and better dialogue with our kids.”

“As the mom of three teen boys, if I hadn’t heard her lessons, I’d be parenting out of anger and confusion. She gives us a long-term hope to stay strong on the course and not crumble in a crisis.”

“When I heard Kathleen at a professional seminar, I found myself just hanging on every word and story. The information was so relevant and useful. Her skills as a presenter are just fabulous. I so appreciated her genuineness, the way she connected with our group interpersonally.”

“Kathleen has seen so much over the years which allows her to have an amazing perspective that I as one parent just can’t have myself. Her wisdom after years of work becomes our foundation of learning so we can parent better.”

What does success look like? sound like? feel like?


open, honest conversations with your teen.


your teen making wholesome decisions about social media, sexuality, school work, substance use, a balanced life.


more competent because you’re equipped with practical tools and understanding to steer your teen to confident independence.


Parents of teens often live in fear of the activities in which their kids are involved. Teens’ struggles to manage their own business can leave parents wringing their hands. Strained parent/teen relationships can ignite in tumultuous situations as parents struggle to protect and teach while kids lag behind or resist a parent’s efforts.

Many parents who have worked with Kathleen have grown in confidence as they became better equipped.


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